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  • Access to all content

    On-demand and all access to all current and future content on Design Upgrade. Including all types of online courses.

  • Personalized Learning Experience

    Learn at your own paste at any time you choose to. For each course you start your progress will be saved automatically and you can see the percentage of completion to motivate you to finish the course.

  • Certification & Exams

    Receive certifications from Design Upgrade for each completed course. This can be used to prove your skills in your profession. Participate in the annual online exam webinars.

  • Free Webinars

    Only for Professional Membership! Free webinars specially designed for the application of algorithmic design in the AEC industry.

  • Discussion forums

    Exchange your experience and progress with like-minded people around the world. Network and collaborate on future projects.

  • Privat Coaching

    Receive private coaching or help on your own project. The first consulting for each new project included in Professional membership.