How does it work?


Annual Subscription-Based Licensing

Duration of enrollment 365 days starting from the date of account activation.

Only for Commercial Version:

Each licence can be transferred to another student once every subscription year.

What is included?

Licenses for the All Access Membership

Our students have on-demand access to all current and future online courses, webinars, podcasts, discussion panels, group chats, workshops, and certification programs.

Customized Content Creation

We developed and create customized e-learning courses tailored to our client's needs.

What is the benefit?

Supervised Teaching

We provide supervised teaching for our students and offer certification programs to award their individual learning experience and pace. Apart from monitoring the individual progress we offer hands-on Q&A webinars and support group-based discussion chats.

How can we cancle?


The annual subscription model can be canceled at any time and ends when the current term expires.

How much does it cost?

Customized Commercial Offers for Businesses and Academia

All Access Membership, Supervised learning, Custom Content Creation, Workshops & certification program.

Professional 140 € / Employee Licence annually

(Min. number of 30 licences needed for this package offering)

EDU 80 € / Student Licence annually

(Min. number of 30 licenses needed for this package offering)

Contact us for your customized offer

CEO: Saqib Aziz

Telefon: +49 1785375150